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Date Format DDMMYYYY - jamesarbrown - 06-02-2016

Does anyone know what controls the date format in the START and END columns (Projects Planning)

I have checked
browser locale
server locale
client locale
tried to force tomcat lang
tried chrome and firefox

set it in zk.xml

and still I get MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY

I am

The load graphic tool tip is right format... so wonder if this is a bug.

RE: Date Format DDMMYYYY - crisicon - 06-07-2016

Same problem here.
However, I noticed that correct date formatting shows up in Internet Explorer, and not in Chrome, Mozilla and Opera... - but only if all system regional settings are correctly configured.

RE: Date Format DDMMYYYY - jamesarbrown - 06-07-2016

Thanks. Ok.. obsolete browser is only one that works.
Hopefully someone can point me at the right bit of code so I can consider to do a fix, or even if there is commercial support, quite happy to pay