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(10-24-2017, 07:38 AM)Administrator Wrote: Hi,

thank you for the quick answer. I'm very glad you feel better and I wish you would be completely recovered in the near future. I have to apologise because, reading your reply, I realized that probably my post could sound pretty rude but, believe me, I didn't mean to criticise. I think the misunderstanding is caused by my language skills.
I will email you in private
Thank you


Well, I guess you deserve an explanation. Actually, if you had written an email to info at libreplan dot com, or jeroen at libreplan dot com, or sales at libreplan-enterprise dot com you would've gotten a swift reply. Yes, still. Also, what is obviously not so visible is the almost daily spam removal work that I do on this  forum. The project is still alive (because I am) and there are some companies who have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and receive support. But I grant you that it could be more alive. Since this is a public post I will not go into details but I can tell you that the lack of obvious activity had to do with some health issues I was having. I am a lot better now and I know I have to start working on the public 1.4.2  release soon but, I have to admit, I have been procrastinating lately.

If you want to know more please email me at one of the addresses mentioned above.

Kind regards,
Jeroen Baten
LibrePlan project leader

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