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Resource Allocation Question
I've been testing LibrePlan for about a week a now and am really excited about the project. I've ordered the manual from Lulu and am waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I have a question about some behavior I don't understand while doing Resource Allocation. I'm pretty sure I just don't understand what's supposed to be happening.

So, in my scenario I have two tasks and two workers that I want to assign to those tasks using Specific Allocation. 

Task1 is 3 hours.
Task2 is 2 hours.

Task2 is End/Start dependent on Task1

Worker1 has ten hours availability.
Worker2 has an exception that limits them to three hours availability.

The default calendar is 10 hours/day.

I want to assign Task1 to Worker1 and Task2 to Worker2 and have them both done on the same day. I imagine this should be possible because both workers have available hours to accomplish their tasks. It works as expected with Task1/Worker1, but it won't assign any hours for Worker2 until their next day of regular availability.

I noticed some interesting behavior that leads me to think I don't understand how calendars should be configured.  I can get it to assign both tasks on the same day as long as Worker2 has availability of 1 hour more than the sum of Task1 and Task2, or in this case 6 hours. If availability is equal to or less than the sum of both tasks, the work is pushed off to the next day.

I'd really appreciate any insight into how this is supposed to work and whether there are any configuration issues I should look at. Thanks a lot for a really great product.


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