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Advanced manual resource allocation
Hi everyone,
I am trying to deal with manual function in advanced resource allocation.
I am dealing with a real scenario.
I need to declare an activity spanning from the beginning of march up to the end of may.
The total hours is 20.
Then I link myself as a resource to this task.
As soon as I save it, the planner spreads the effort during the first three days (8 hours each working day) using the flat function.
If I switch it to manual, I can declare a single hour each week (this activity is a training I will give to colleagues).
After that I apply it, the task in the gantt view is not editable anymore. Huh
If i switch the advanced allocation back to "flat" then the task goes to editable again.

I already have bought the Missing manual, but I really can't understand what's the use of the "manual" function indeed at this point.

Thank you.
Raffaele Pantaleoni
Hi all,
We are having a similar problem here. After switching the allocation to manual you cannot reschedule the task: it cannot be shifted or extended.
The only way is to set it back to flat, modify the task dates and then return again to manual allocation. This is a pain as you lose all your manual allocations you did previously for every day of the task for every resource allocated to the task.
We where expecting an insight from the developers about future possibilities to implement these capabilities like extending the task (or shrinking it) or shifting it in the scheduling panel without losing all the manual assignments already made. Other alternatives to do not lose these assignments while modifying the task would be welcome.

Julio Cano

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