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Road maintenance implementation of thermal regeneration construction
Yangzhou City, the general province of highway maintenance on the ground heat regeneration in December 8th in 264 provincial highway Baoying North, which is Yangzhou City in the general province of highway maintenance for the first time in the local thermal regeneration construction test. In the 120-meter test section,chip spreader market the newly developed CRA7000 asphalt pavement heat regenerative heating machine, CRA7000 asphalt pavement heat-regenerated rake loose aggregate, CRA7000 asphalt pavement heat produced by Jiangsu Aoxin Technology Co., Ltd. Regeneration of compound machine, ART7000 asphalt pavement double paver and other construction machinery,fiberized slurry seal norway like a long word to open, to carry out on-site thermal regeneration of road pavement disease.
Austrian new cold on the ground to follow the low-carbon, recycling, green concept, is the national key new products, ministerial invention first prize, Jiangsu Province scientific and technological achievements into the project. Yangzhou City Highway Management Office hosted the construction of the general national highway maintenance local thermal regeneration test section, Yangzhou City counties (cities, districts) highway station, highway maintenance company main leadership,road sealer construction machinery in charge of highway maintenance leadership and city and county transportation sector Relevant leaders at the scene to observe the general state of Yangzhou City, the local maintenance of the first road heat regeneration.
Yangzhou City Highway Management Office will collect the relevant data of this test section and conduct a comprehensive comprehensive analysis, for the future common country highway pavement disease treatment to achieve low carbon,micro surfacing asphalt paving recycling, green, thrifty to provide first-hand scientific basis.

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