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Highly baked road maintenance workers
In the continuous high temperature weather, Haimen at noon when the indoor temperature up to 35 ℃, road baking temperature of more than 50 ℃, and this time is the golden age of road maintenance. City Road Management Station in conjunction with the conservation company to organize more than 100 maintenance of technical personnel, the work area maintenance workers, dozens of conservation operations vehicles,chip spreader market braving the high temperature of the city's key sections of the key diseases to conduct a comprehensive overhaul, and strive to block trees in the shortest possible time, Pavement disease and the surrounding culverts, drains and other drainage facilities all overhaul, for the masses to travel to provide a safe, comfortable and beautiful road environment.
In the three green line pruning the scene, the pruning sound sounded through the ear, six green pruning workers are busy on the shoulders of high grass to trim, until 8 am so far, green pruning workers have been working for more than 3 hours, the end of pruning The lawn is nearly 3,000 square feet. From the scene, in order to prevent mosquito bites and clippings lead to skin allergic itching and other issues, all trim staff are wearing a thick protective clothing, with a mask and straw hat; coupled with the recent hot weather, trim the staff Clothes have been all wet,how to repair concrete driveway cracks the mouth of the heat has been out of the protective masks all hush. According to the person in charge of the pruning, in order to avoid the high temperature period at noon, every morning before 5:00 they have begun to mowing, due to adequate rainfall in August, weeds grow at an alarming rate, resulting in their workload is particularly large, every month to cut Grass nearly 100,000 square feet per day for each pruning worker to work for nearly 10 hours, but they have the confidence to fight with the shortest time will be the shoulder, roadside vegetation trim finished.
At about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the junction of the Tonghai Line Suzhou, the mechanical stapler braved the rolling heat to start the roller, and the paver was busy re-paving the asphalt concrete to the rough rut. City road management station technical staff immediately on the ground temperature measurement, this time the ground temperature up to 165 ℃, while the paver driver has been in the simple cockpit to start the paver and roller, because the ground "baking" and the sun Of the "exposure" together, the paver driver skin has completely changed the color,sealing concrete cracks guatemala the face of the sunglasses is also very difficult to distinguish it. According to the site construction personnel, the road temperature is conducive to asphalt paving, to better protect the road maintenance effect. In order to ensure the quality of paving, paving staff every day to up to 150 ℃ high temperature of the road work for nearly 10 hours; year asphalt paving workers have to wear a dozen pairs of shoes, some paving staff because of work on the road for decades, Foot skin are different degrees of damage.
More than 7 o'clock in the evening, the night began to come, the day the temperature is slowly faded, in the line is large and medium-sized repair construction site, machine rumbling, road milling machine is still in full swing tense construction. All the construction team members wet clothes, the skin was tan dark, they are taking advantage of the days of the black is directing the dump truck back and forth loading. As the amount of transport a day is very large, many transport crew busy water are reluctant to drink in time, and because the construction site construction noise is huge,asphalt parking lot construction traffic instructors take turns shouting shouting reversing, reversing, throat has all hoarse. According to the construction team leader, in order to ensure the completion of the large and medium-sized repair project as soon as possible, the construction workers are working overtime to start the schedule, starting from 4:30 in the morning, people stop working every day to work 15-18 hours, make full use of the favorable season , For the early completion of the road construction, to facilitate the people travel.

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